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Working when between semesters, James contributed analytical, computer and marketing skills, including creating written and video content for the website.

Fast Facts

  • Developed systems and implemented software solutions such as Docusign and Money Guide Pro with the launch of Financial Freedom for Dentists LLC.  

  • Developed and managed a new business last semester, creating original marketing content that has sprung into his own side photography and marketing business and he has received sponsors for his latest co-venture "Kome Cooking." 

  • Completed "Foundations of Financial Planning" coursework and is thrilled to begin earning his Certified Financial Planner designation.


  • Studying for his BS in Business Marketing, expecting to graduate in July, 2021.

  • Taught English and served people as a volunteer representative for 2 years in Tokyo, Japan. 

I create content that is value-adding, has a long shelf-life, and is done right the first time.

Fun Facts​​

  • Known as the "Unicycle Kid" on university campus who hops up and down the stairs, and gets around anywhere on one wheel.

  • Explores the mountains whenever he gets the chance, with skiing and snowboarding making Winter his favorite season!

  • Speaks Japanese after spending 2 years living in Tokyo, and in kindergarten and first grade, and now spending a lot of time with a cute Japanese girl.

James Patten Ricks


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