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Pause to Fly Away with a Gratitude Perspective

Do you ever wish you could fly away from all your problems and distractions? Despite the challenges we are all facing, this season gives us one way to pause, fly away to a better place with gratitude, and put things in perspective.

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more,”

(a quote often attributed to Oprah)

In this spirit of thanksgiving, we pause to thank you!

We appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you, our clients. We love seeing the growth in each of you, and the opportunity to share with you in your life journey. Clients often ask us about our own lives, so we're also pausing to give you a brief update on our personal lives and a few more reasons we are grateful:


Kimberly actually did get to fly away! Catching a bush plane to go far away into the Frank Church Wilderness, what she discovered there she was able to bring home! For her, being phone-free in the wilderness gave her a sense of mindfulness and soul enrichment she is able to continue now that she is home. She writes:

“In August 2022, I took a trip to Challis, ID to travel into the backcountry of the Frank Church Wilderness with Open Heart Space’s Women’s Retreat. We had an amazing group of women from all different backgrounds and experiences getting together with no electricity or internet! We all had to rely on each other’s company without the distraction of phones or computers."


Passing the CFP® exam this month and welcoming a newborn son this year mark two huge reasons to celebrate gratitude this year for Loyd! Clyde Steven Burleson, his second child and firstborn son joined his family on May 17th, 2022! Given the demands of a growing family with 2 young children, studying and passing the rigorous CFP® exam on the first take makes for all the more reason to celebrate! Other highlights of the year for Loyd include:

  • Seeing the Portland Trail Blazers play in Seattle

  • Katie helping her family with spud harvest in Ephrata, WA

  • First solo family trip to San Juan Islands

  • Seeing Josh Turner perform after watching the Rodeo at the Washington State Fair

  • Loyd driving in his first derby car at the Grant County Fair

Nate (& Sarah, behind the scenes)

You never realize when you're younger how soon life will come full circle and how fast you grow up to be considered old. Something about being back at his former college to mentor and speak at the Wealth Management Society at BYUI feels like a full circle moment. The story of Financial Freedom for Dentists is an integral part of this and we feel especially grateful for the trust this represents.

But even more significant than speaking to the up and coming generation of financial advisors is the opportunity to welcome our first grandchild into the world in July, Graham Spencer Ricks!

Other highlights in our personal lives often center around our increasingly independent children and welcoming the changes and events in their lives:

  • Clarissa coming home home from her mission

    • Sending 2 daughters off to college

    • Serving as “seminary teachers” together, teaching seniors

May the sparkle and wonder of this season bring to the forefront of your mind your own reasons to be grateful! Share them with us! We love the chance serve you!

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