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Who We Help

We work best with practicing or retired dentists & specialists who:
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View money as a resource to help reach their most important goals, such as slowing down in the practice, retiring at a certain age, helping children with college expenses or purchasing a practice, etc.
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Value the advice of a Certified Financial Planner(TM)  practitioner who takes accountability to help them reach their goals and designs strategies empowering them to do so.  
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Want to regularly meet with a Certified Financial Planner(TM)   to determine if they are on track to reach their goals and if not to recommend changes so that they can reach their goals.  

Financial Planning Services Clients Receive

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Strategy Meetings to Update Action Plan

Investment Management Services

Staff Retirement Plan Presentation (if Applicable)

Ongoing Implementation

Continuous Email & Phone Support

Assessing if you can benefit from our services depends on...

  • Investment Management

  • Retirement Plans

  • Debt-load (student, practice, mortgage),

  • Ownership -- building  & practice

  • Cash flow stress & Find money to save

  • Finance kid's college

  • Minimize estate & income taxes

  • Align your finances with your partner

  • Portfolio Tax-loss Harvesting

  • & Much More...

Is your financial advisor
focused and committed to helping you with your specific needs?

We have helped hundreds of dentists with...


We help dentists

Align Finances to...

Does your advisor
understand & help you reach your GOALS?

What matters most

the Lifestyle

the Experiences

the Impact you make

the Time you spend with Loved Ones

the Legacy you leave

Do you have an
Action Plan
to ensure you
stay on track to reach your ideal life?

We Provide Dentists with...

A deep relationship of trust with an advisor who understands where you are, where you want to be and how to help you get there.

A high level of service &

a constantly updated Action Plan to help you adapt to life changes and market fluctuations to ensure you stay on track to reach your ideal life.​

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