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"Times of Uncertainty Can Create Moments of Opportunity"

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

1st Quarter 2020

In the historic Spring of 2020, the U.S. economy slammed on the brakes, creating bleak headlines, forecasts and a market response of high volatility. Times of uncertainty create moments of opportunity. Built into your financial plan, we prepare for downturns and difficult times like we are now experiencing.  We are working harder than ever to seize this moment of opportunity in the market by placing trades to rebalance portfolios. We are committed to moving forward through this difficult time by sticking to your long-term plan.

We examine the volatility of the first quarter in 2020. Putting the recent downturn into context, we examine the research provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors on the historical record of market performance after significant declines like we have experienced in the past quarter. The Quarterly Market Review then provides a thorough snapshot of the performance and timeline of the past quarter, featuring the returns of stock and bond asset classes.


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